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The party was absolutely amazing. Everyone had come out this time and the odds of Tisha’s parents not coming home early were looking better than ever. Tisha was the captain of the volleyball team where they had come one game short of the state finals. It would have been a repeat effort had they gone on to win it all two years in a row. In the final game, one of her team members ended up going for a ball heading out of bounds and they lost the match. Everyone was broke up about it, and Tish took it out on the younger members, putting the girl’s back through a sort of initiation, but she made it an even worse hell than usual. Some hard feelings later and everything seemed to be heading in a great direction for Tish, a division I college and a full ride. On top of that she finished out high school as salutatorian. Life was great. Tish wore a neon pink bikini in the pool. The top covered her C breasts and the bottoms covered her toned, and tan-lined butt.  Tish was very white unless she got some sun, so anything under her bikini bottoms was ridiculously white.

“So what did you girls think?” A group had formed in the water around different conversations. All of the guys had left the party after a few hours and the only girls left were some cheerleaders and the varsity volleyball team.

“Definitely a party for the books,” Kristin laughed. Tish liked her, Kristin had this goofy act and it was always very humorous. Tish had a buzz going from the alcohol, but not enough to be considered drunk.

“When will your parents be home?” Jennifer asked, one of the thicker girls in the group. The girls shifted their attention to Tish, who smiled.

“Not for, like, another three days,” The other girls looked at each other, “Which leaves a lot of time to do whatever we want here. Like party tomorrow!” Tish was only disappointed that her three best friends from the team couldn’t make it. Two were out of town, the other at a funeral.

“You’re right,” Kristin said, “That is a lot of time to do whatever we want here! Just like the other things we’ve done here when your parents are away.”

The tone of the atmosphere changed, “What do you mean?”

Some one jumped in the pool behind her, Tish tried to swim away, but felt a hand grab the back of her bikini bottoms. In a swift motion, her attacker pulled up, bringing the waistband to about her neck. The polyester shot into her ass, creating an immediate pain. Tish had a terrible feeling in her stomach over the situation. She tried to wiggle out of it, but Kristin had grabbed her arms and they dragged her to the edge of the pool.

“Wedgies suck, don’t they?” Jennifer had approached them and reach behind her, “Of course, they’re much worse when they’re forced. Volleyball shorts create quite the natural wedgie.”

“Get her out of the water!” one girl cried of excitement. Tish wasn’t sure what to do, she tried flailing her arms, but the Kristin had a tight hold on her arms. In a swift motion, Jennifer and Katelynn pulled Tish out by her bikini bottoms. Her ass hurt so badly and so much pressure had been applied to her lower regions.

“What are you guys doing!?” she cried out, hoping someone would show some form of sympathy. They all showed sympathy; they all knew exactly what it felt like.  Tish had put them all through it at one point. And now they would show her the humiliation on their own terms.

“Come here you bitch,” Kristin seemed elated to being the ringleader. She grabbed Tish by the front of her bikini over to the table that stood between the pool and the back doors to her house. In the middle of the table was an umbrella to which Kristin bent her over and Jennifer tied Tish’s arms around. There she stood, bent helplessly over the table, ass shown for the world to see. Katelynn came over with more rope and looped it through the leg holes before tying it off to the sturdy umbrella above. Tish buried her face between her bound arms as the girls all giggled. Tish could imagine the sight of her ass sticking up in the air, wedgied to where she was on her tip toes. The neon pink bikini bottoms were stretched way up there.

“Please stop!” Tish yelled.

“You’ve got some nice tan lines!”  Taylor said. Smack! She slapped her hand against Tish’s firm butt. The water made it sting that much worse.

“Oh my god!” All of the girls looked to Kassidy, “I’ve got a brilliant idea!” Tish didn’t like the sound of this. Tish had put these girls through some hell, it would only make sense they would try and out do her.

“What do you have in mind?” Kristin came over and tugged up on the bikini making Tish squirm and bounce trying to get comfortable.

“Do you all have your towels?” Tish could just feel the aurora of grins that washed over all of the girls. Each one scattered across the pool, some into the house to find their belongings. Kristin stayed.

“Why are you doing this?” Tish was practically begging for some decent reasoning.

“You’re a fun girl Tish,” Kristin had come sensually closer to her hear, “We really do like you, but after the incident after semi-finals, the under-classman girls were the only ones punished. We made a plan to get all of your friends, but they made a wise choice to not show up.”

“What will you do?” Tish was limited in movement, but could turn her head enough to see the taller girl. Kristin stood up and lightly patted Tish’s butt.

“In due time my dear,” the other girls had mostly made it back, “Let me start it!”

WAP! Tish jumped up with the sharp pain on her right cheek, “My god! Not this please!”

WAP! Another girl slapped the end of her towel against the relatively bare ass of Tish, “Please! Anything but rat tailing!”

“Alright, everyone start going!” Jennifer yelled and each girl would wind up her towel, spanking the defenseless derriere. Tish gritted her teeth in pain, her ass becoming very sensitive. One hit after the next, there was no space between hits. The occasional swipe would make contact with her most intimate regions, which were a little more exposed given her awkward positioning. With each of those hits, she would bite down on her lower lip. When she had a boyfriend, she adored when he would take over, and that’s what this situation reminded her to those times.

“Stop!” Kristin yelled and moved to see Tish’s face, “Yo-you’re enjoying this!” she exclaimed. The sound of photos could be heard, each girl laughing hysterically.

Kristin untied Tish’s arms from the pole and then retied them behind her back.  Jennifer came and tied the bikini bottoms to the back of the tops, creating a sort of bra connection.

“Want to see what it looked like?” Jennifer showed a picture to which Tish’s face turned red. In the picture, Tish’s arched back led to her elevated ass, which had become very, very red. Tish became even more embarrassed to see the lips to the pussy slowly bulging around the fabric. A girl named Ally came up and slapped her ass.

“It’s humiliating, isn’t it?” she said snidely. Tish felt awful for these situations, that they had all been through this. Tish was so humiliated, but knew they were far from finished.
    Hey guys! I'm back and currently working on a new story! It's kind of difficult to come up with new scenarios for these stories, but its easier for me to take interest in writing when I do these off to the side. So Jeran's back, back again. Jeran's back,tell a friend! (Eminem reference? Anyone? No!? Ok...)

    I may have the story up tonight, I'll do my best. Missed you beautiful people! For now, don't get your undies in a bunch. Even though most of you like that ;) you'll just have to wait like a good kid!
     Guys, it's been a hell of a couple of years, but I truly think this may be it... I'm going to finish The Purge; I plan to have 2 more parts. Unfortunately, I just find it harder and harder to write these stories. I don't know where the magic went, but its gone and with it, the spirit of my wedgie stories. 

     I don't plan to delete the account, I'll leave it up so no stories are lost forever, but I'm getting to the point in my life where everything is in the way. Granted I never thought I'd be somewhat popular, I want to thank everyone of you for that. Sadly, all good things must come to an end...

     Don't cry yet, I may make a few appearances over Long long long periods of time, but I may not care enough to deal with any of it. I'm going to pass on something to you guys that I've been thinking about a lot lately. Don't get caught up in this stuff and let it blind you from your true goals in life. Sure MAYBE one of you will make a killer off of some kind of wedgie franchise, but that's slim. I'm just considering this as a chapter in my life that had its grand moments. I remember always updating the page to watch my views of a story increase along with the comments and the favorites. That's something you just don't forget. 

     In conclusion, I'm going to be exiting this chapter and starting a new one... And that's trying to finish that damn novel I talked about a year ago! Whenever that finally happens, you guys will be the first to know, but for now, live with what you have. You guys are great and I'll be sure to remember you all in Therapy,

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United States
I love to write stories as you can see. My secret to why they're perverted is because I had developed a porn addiction and had to find a way to turn away from it. So I write these because it keeps the problem in check.
I'm up for some suggestions, but only the ones I think can make the cut.
Obviously I like wedgies. I like to give and get as well as write about them. I will also eventually write PG stories to get more attention and to expand my audience. The names in my stories are names I find really attractive. So don't be surprised if they get reused. I'll let you know if it's a sequel!

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